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History of Adobe Photoshop, who first invented Photoshop, what the early versions of Photoshop look like, and the future of Photoshop.

When was Adobe Photoshop invented for the first time? & Why?

Pixel and Vector Graphics, What are they? What are the differences between the two? Uses, Benefits, Limitations, and everything you need to know.

Pixel vs Vector Graphics; What’s the difference?

Basic Elements of Design, from a Dot to Line, from Shape to Form, from Space to Pattern, from Texture to Color, and everything in between.

Basic Elements of Design; Definitions.

Difference between DPI and PPI, discover which one means what and in terms of resolution, what are things to consider on screens and on print.

What are the main differences between DPI and PPI?

How to export large-format print files? Best settings, resolutions, presets, and formats for exporting a file for large-format printing?

How to export large-format print files using Adobe Illustrator?

Brand Identity Design Basics, how a Good Logo is designed? Don’t follow trends, learn What makes a Logo Simple, Timeless & Great.

What makes a Great Logo Design?

How to Encrypt a Document in Word? Is it possible to password-protect a Microsoft Word Document from unwanted & unauthorized opening?

How to Encrypt a Document in Word on Windows 10 or 11?

User Interface of Adobe Photoshop: The main components of UI includes the Menu Bar, Options Bar, Tools Bar, Panels, and Document Window.

User Interface of Adobe Photoshop & its Components.

Package Illustrator project files to share it with the team for collaboration or archive it for future for referencing.

How to create a Package for Illustrator Project Files?

How to save a letterhead template in Microsoft Word as a part of the Branding and Visual Identity design project deliverables.

How to save Jpeg letterhead as a template in MS Word?

How to write Urdu in Illustrator without converting text from InPage to Unicode? add how to use the best Urdu fonts for Illustrator.

How to write Urdu (Unicode) in Adobe Illustrator?

If you are struggling with your logo design presentation to the client? Read along to learn how you can improve your presentation skills.

Logo Design Presentation, here is what you need to do to improve!

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